787 makes a big difference

March 6, 2012

When Boeing 787’s begin flying their routes to the Orient from Boston, local business
will naturally increase for the segment of the business/leisure travel market heading to
Japan and other Asian destinations.

Logan Airport officials have been predicting for months that the new 787’s – lighter, in construction, faster, more fuel efficient and with more comfort and room inside – would lead to an estimated $175 million in added revenues overall for the airlines. And it appears that Logan’s executives know what they are talking about. The new Boeing jet airliner cuts time off the trip – an estimated two hours and offers more in the way of amenities than any other jet airliner in service. For Boeing, the 787 is a major shot in the arm and numerous world airlines have pre-ordered the 787, including JAL – Japanese Airlines, who has substantial expanded business interest in Boston due to the coming of the 787. Boston, more than ever, will become the Hub for airline service to Japan and to other Asiatic destinations.