$140 Million for Second Generation Baggage Screening

September 19, 2011

Logan Airport safety and security officials have announced the replacement of the baggage checking system now in use with second generation equipment designed to improve security.

According to Massport officials, the project includes a TSA grant of $68 million, an expenditure by Massport of $22 million for renovating and building new screening rooms and another $50 million for new screening equipment. The total project should come in at about $140 million.

David Mackey, Massport’s Interim CEO, said the project is state of the art, reduces waste and consolidates efforts all around.

He called it forward leaning, streamlined – a baggage screening process that frees up resources for other related security efforts at the airport.

The project will take three years to complete.

Massport executives estimated job creation at 67 fulltime construction jobs  and 20 fulltime design and engineering jobs as well.

Great care is taken to keep Logan in the vanguard of state of the art security measures.

The recent 9/11 anniversary was a reminder to security forces at Logan that the 9/11 terrorist slaughter began here with the hi-jacking of two planes that subsequently crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center.

Almost 3,000 died that day.