Plane Spotting Allowed at Logan

August 30, 2011

There are thousands of plane spotters in the United States and overseas that like to film aircraft at airports across the country, Logan being one of them.

Each year, Logan gets its share of plane spotters and the airport has always attempted to accommodate them, unless a security issue presents itself.

Due to security issues, Logan requires spotters to call the airport in advance of filming.

The Authority requires the following information, name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and date and time(s) Spotters should carry a photo ID and Massport’s email approving access to the central and or the Terminal B garage for filming.

Massport asks spotters no to climb on any walls or structures for safety reasons.

In addition, spotters are asked to report any suspicious activities they may notice to the State Police immediately.  The same is asked in case of injuries.

Once filming is approved, an email will be sent to the State Police, TSA, Massport staff, including the parking garage, so everyone is aware of the filming.

Sometimes, not everyone gets the message and will approach a plane spotter and ask questions.  That’s when they should present Massport’s memo of approval and a photo ID.

Massport has a proven record and a positive system in place to take care of plane spotters.  As a matter of fact, ten of them were at Logan about three weeks ago, all at the same time and there were no problems.

It’s important to note, if Homeland Security raises the level of security from its current status, plane spotting at Logan will be temporarily shut down.