DeGrace Named Deputy Fire Chief

August 30, 2011

Joseph DeGrace, a twentyyear veteran of Massport’s Fire Rescue Department has been promoted from Lieutenant to Deputy Fire Chief at Boston Logan International Airport.

“DeGrace is a great selection for the Deputy Chief’s position,” Chief Robert Donahue said.

“He has all the tools, experience and leadership qualities to get the job done in a professional manner,” he noted about his second in command.

DeGrace said, “I’m proud to be selected and given this terrific opportunity with Massport Fire Rescue,” he said.  “I will do my best to uphold the confidence Massport has expressed in me to do this job.”

DeGrace is one of the most respected firefighters at Logan Airport and I’m proud to have him by my side,” Donahue said.

He served almost three years on the Brockton Fire Department and is a hazmat technician and an EMT.