Travel Log: Heading East out of Logan

August 16, 2011

We flew Delta out of Boston on our way to France recently.

We take our summer vacations on the French Riviera which remains exotic in every way despite the huge throngs who come here to vacation from all over the world.

The Delta operation beginning in Logan and ending in Nice was as smooth as silk with everyone employed by Delta pleasant, informative and expeditious.

Would we fly Delta to Europe again ?

In a heartbeat.

Even our luggage arrived in the right place at the right time.

As required, the family summer vacation began with the TSA security check at Logan.

How was it ?

The way I always hope it will be – thorough, thorough and thorough.

We left during the inception of TSA’s newly added physcological security component – a more intuitive screening of passengers as they pass by TSA officers on their way to boarding.

I liked that, too.

It is defintely the way to go.

As for the earlier body checks, screenings, pat downs and luggage checks, these were all effortlessly accomplished and without incident of any kind when we were passing through security.

All of this for me was made more meaningful by the coming tenth anniversary of 9 /11.

For me, there is something very satisfying about anti-terrorism efforts near to the boarding gate.

Given the choice, I want my family to be as safe as it can be when travelling.

Logan is into security. It showed when we recently flew out of Logan to the Riviera.

And what of life on Riviera this summer ?

It is very crowded here.

Every year it grows more crowded but somehow its magic continues to work.

Sometimes it appears to us that all of Europe is vacationing here.

In Cannes we stay with friends of the family in a wonderful Provence style home – brightly colored walls, impeccable lush grounds, gorgeous pool and views of Cannes.

In the daytime we go to the beach where the water is warm, sparkling, wavy and clean. We take our lunch at one of the little eateries lining the long length of the Riviera shore. Cold drinks, French fries, hot dogs, salads and ice cream are all available.

The kids love it. The adults, too.

The heat of summer on the Riviera is intense . The climate is hot and arid. The air is without humidity. There is virtually no industry here but tourism, so the air is remarkebly clean as well. We have experienced no rain. And in the evenings, the Riviera cools off, allowing for dinner outside with thousands strolling by on the great Riviera promenade known as the Croisette.

The only thing one needs to enjoy the Riviera fully is money. With the American dollar in the tank, $2000US gets you less than é1500 in Euros and a cup of cafe here is more than two Euros.

We’re still here but we’ll be heading out soon. Why?

We’re out of time and nearly out of money.