Terminal B Upper Level Roadway Work Winding Down

August 16, 2011

This month, Logan Airport is undergoing a major roadway improvement, pavement and repair project on the upper arrival area of Terminal B.

The project will take three weeks to complete and will shutdown the roadway access on both the US Airways and American sides of the departure level.

The work began on August 3rd, closing the departure level to the terminal to all traffic with detour signs posted throughout the airport. The work should be completed by Aug. 24.

The second level of the Terminal B garage will also be closed during the duration of the paving project.

Emergency egress from all doorways will be maintained from the terminal.

Access to the Terminal B departure level from the main roadway loop and Terminal A will be closed except to construction vehicles.

To accommodate vehicle traffic at the terminals, all cars, buses, taxis, shared vans, employee buses, limousines and courtesy buses will utilize the arrival level.

Passenger cars and shared vans will pick up and drop off within level 1 of the Terminal B garage.

All other vehicles including the silverline, rental car buses, taxis, Massport shuttle buses, employee buses and limousines will pick up and drop off at designated areas clearly signed along the curb.

During nighttime demolition work on the roadway, lanes will be closed to traffic on the arrivals level for safety reasons.

The purpose of the project is to replace the roadway surface and topping on both sides of the American and US Airways terminal roadway.

The work is part of the overall project to perform repairs to the Terminal B garage and the roadway.

The authority will make public announcements, post signage, advise all airport airlines and other tenants of the project and its impacts.

Massport will have staff and the State Police on duty at the construction site for the duration of the pavement project.

Massport will take all the necessary steps to make this construction as smooth and as convenient as possible.