Freadman Named Deputy Director of Aviation Security Operations

August 16, 2011

Michele Freadman has been appointed to the position of Deputy Director of Aviation Security Operations, according to Massport’s interim CEO and Executive Director, David Mackey.

Reporting directly to Todd Smith, Logan’s Director of Operations, Michele Freadman, will be responsible for directing the operations of the Massport Badging Office, Aviation Officers, Dispatchers and Violation functions.

In addition, Freadman will inherit the oversight of critical security compliance and its associated functions.

Freadman previously worked in Massport’s Corporate Security as the Deputy Director and has been with the Authority for eight years.

She began her career in law enforcement and served as a detective for six years with the Boston Transit Police Department where she conducted both general and criminal internal investigations.

Freadman also held management positions at Metropolitan Life Property and Casualty Insurance Company and the CIGNA Property and Casualty Company where she oversaw corporate and anti-fraud activities of the special investigation units.

A graduate of Northeastern University with a BS in Criminal Justice with high honors, Freadman has been a security executive with twenty five plus years of diverse interdisciplinary experience in the private sector, corporate and Homeland Security, and criminal and institutional investigation.

“Michele comes to the Aviation Security Department with a wealth of experience,” Todd Smith said.  “Having Michele on board enhances the department goals and responsibilities.”

Freadman said she was “looking forward to working with the Aviation Security team and I’m proud to be given the opportunity presented by this very important position at Logan Airport.”

As Deputy Director, Freadman’s responsibilities cover the direction of development, implementation, management and administration of aviation security activities, and its security rules, regulations, policies and procedures to insure an integrated approach between law enforcement and security for the safe and efficient operation of Logan Airport, Hanscom Field, Worcester Airport, the Logan Office Center and all aviation facilities.

  • Ethancaden10

    Michelle Freadman is a joke as Deputy Director of Aviation Security. She has no fucking clue what she is doing! She’s a wanna-be in a man’s world. Instead of working with her employees to build a strong, smart and well trained work force, she consistantly seeks out faults and frailties, most of which she makes up in her own head. She is an asshole through and through. She focuses on these little non-issues wasting both Massport and it’s valued employees time and money. Rather than making significant improvements, she harps on nonsense. With all the money she gets paid one would think she could produce something positive and worthwhile. Instead she dilly fucks around, suspended and firing aviation officers for no reason. She sucks at what she does. She should stop trying because she will never be good enough.