Duverné Named Director of Emergency Management

August 16, 2011

Acting, Massport CEO and Executive Director, David Mackey, has named Herby Duverné to assume the new role of Director of Emergency Management for Massport, reporting to the Director of Corporate Security.

In his new role, Duverne will direct the development implementation management and administration of the Authority’s Emergency Management Planning Programs.

He will oversee the coordination, training and exercise planning for all emergency response programs, interacting with other emergency managers on a federal, state and city levels.

Duverné, who has been with Massport since 2006 as the Deputy Director of Aviation Security said, “The position of Director of Emergency Management is the first at Massport. Therefore, we have a lot to do and I welcome the challenge and the opportunity.”

“Massport prides itself on being the best in terms of safety and security by ensuring that we prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies. This is a Massport’s priority and I am honored to be chosen to lead this effort.” Duverné said.

Duverne will work directly for Retired US Army Colonel Dennis Treece, Director of Corporate Security.

“Having been part of Herby’s initial selection six years ago, and having worked with him daily ever since, I could not think of a better person to lead our emergency management efforts.  His challenges are great but the entire team here is behind him one hundred percent.” Treece said.