Jet Blue’s Blue Pass Rage of the Industry

August 2, 2011

Jet Blue has announced a new flat rate ticket available from August 22 to November 22 that allows passengers to take an unlimited number of flights from Logan International Airport to any JetBlue city for $1999.00.

JetBlue flies to 55 cities from Logan – so the sky is the virtual limit for this spectacular special aimed mainly at business customers.

The special flat rate ticket allows travelers to book and change flights up to 90 minutes before departure, according to JetBlue officials.

In addition, for $1,499, Boston flat rate ticket holders can fly to 13 non-stop destinations mostly on the East Coast, JetBlue officials added. The BluePass went on sale at Logan Airport at the end of July. They will be available until August 31 or until the passes are sold out – whichever comes first.

In the past, the All You Can Jet Pass sold out within days when the airline offered it. Airline officials expected the same level of interest to cause a similar outcome this time around.

JetBlue officials said this special is intended to expand the Boston network and its many business destinations.

The Blue Pass is also being offered in Long Beach, California. JetBlue has expanded its presence dramatically in Boston during the past few years.

The airline has added routes from Boston to Washington, DC and Newark during the past year. Its schedule has also expanded to destinations like Chicago, Baltimore, Raleigh and Los Angeles.