New Police Headquarters Better for Area Neighborhoods

July 8, 2011

The State Police Troop F assigned to Logan International Airport has a new home on the North Service Road a short distance from Neptune Road in East Boston and across from Logan’s MBTA station. The move has brought the State Police closer to the neighborhood and thus adding another level of security  and support to the Boston, Massport and Transportation police that already patrol the neighborhood.

“Without a doubt the new headquarters is more accessible for the community of East Boston and the Logan community as well,” said State Police Captain Dan Risteen. “The new building houses the State Police and TSA and only a few short yards from the MBTA station and neighborhood.”

On the other side of the T station is the Bremen Street Park and up the road is where the North Service Road dumps out into the neighborhood. The new headquarters at 2 Service Rd. brings the State Police closer to Eastie than ever before.

“Being at Terminal C we were never really accessible to the general public in Eastie,” said State Police Major Michael Concannon. “We will be able to easily assist, when needed, areas of Eastie quicker than before.”

According to Logan spokesman, Phil Orlandella, the State Police’s old home at Terminal C was becoming to small for day to day operations.

“Once the space on the Service Road became available in the old Delta Airlines reservation building the decision was made to move Troop F to the much bigger space,” said Orlandella.

The main State Police phone number remains the same at 617-567-2323.


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