Airport Community Supports 182nd Infantry Battalion

June 22, 2011

Hundreds of soldiers from the Massachusetts National Guard 182 Infantry Battalion recently arrived at Logan Airport on leave and departed for military duty overseas.

Through Massport’s well recognized Military Family Assistance Program, many family members and friends were able to access security, meet the soldiers on the arrivals and to say good bye on the departures.

In addition, Massport provided free parking and assistance in obtaining gate passes from the airlines.

The program runs in conjunction with Massport, TSA, State Police and the airlines has been ongoing for almost three years while assisting well over 1,000 people to date.

“It was another team effort by the airport community to do the right thing for our troops who proudly serve this country”, Massport Director of Aviation, Ed Freni said.

“The airport community has always pulled together to take care of the men and women of the military and their families as well,” Director, Aviation Operations, Todd Smith said.

“It’s truly impressive to see everyone work together to make this special program work,” Massport Director of Media Relations, Phil Orlandella said.

“It’s extremely important that everyone shows their appreciation and respect for these men and women that help make this country safe.