Logan Airport Firefighters are Well-trained, Ready to Respond

June 8, 2011

Massport Fire Rescue firefighters are shown training life saving tactics at Logan Airport’s specially designed burn pit.

During spring, summer and fall a mysterious plume of black smoke can sometimes be seen stemming from the airfield at Boston Logan Airport.

Not to fear!

It’s only Massport’s Fire Rescue Unit training at a specially built area on the airfield that contains a metal aircraft fuselage.

In an environmentally safe training area, the fuselage is deliberately set on fire and our firefighters conduct life saving techniques and fire suppression tactics.

Many cities and towns throughout Massachusetts send their firefighters to Logan for the unique training that’s FAA mandate for airport firefighters which is ongoing at Logan.

Several military branches have also successfully participated in the specialized training, some out of state fire departments have completed the training as well.

Massport Fire Rescue is considered one of the best, if not the best, emergency responding units in the country. Maybe the world.

It’s important to know that our Fire Rescue team meets and exceeds all Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] mandates and requirements for a major international airport.

Fire Rescue is located airside at a main station that contains ten bays.

A secondary station, two bays are located at a different site in order to meet FAA response time to any area on the airfield.

A third, the Marine Rescue station, is staffed and equipped with three Fire Rescue boats.

Fire Rescue is equipped with all the necessary and modern equipment needed to handle any situation that could occur at Logan.

Fire Chief Robert Donahue and his staff have our firefighters well trained and ready to respond in a moment’s notice.