Travel Log: Categorical Success

May 24, 2011

Logan International Airport’s air traffic summary for April reveals a 3.9% gain in domestic and international flight operations. Even greater gains, 6.1%, were recorded for domestic and international passengers, according to data released by Massport.

Airport flight operations for April totaled 31,142 compared with 28,729 in April, 2010. The year to date figure showed 112,097 total airport flights versus 107,940 for the same period in 2010.

Airport passenger numbers swelled nicely in April. A total of 2,488,228 passengers used Logan Airport in April compared with 2,313,499 in April 2010.

The cumulative year to date numbers show 8,557,469 passengers using Logan as compared with 8,060,886 in 2010.

This 6.1% rise is considered substantial, according to Massport officials.

“There are a number of reasons these gains are being achieved,” said Logan Airport’s director of media relations Phil Orlandella. “There are more flights because demand is greater. More people are flying. The economy appears to be turning – and it causes the airlines to expand their schedules,” he added.

“In addition, Logan’s passenger numbers have improved consecutively for the past twenty-two months,” Orlandella said.

Logan is now serving 85,000 passengers a day.

In 2011, it is predicted that Logan will handle over 27 million passengers.

Domestic Charter passenger numbers have exploded. For the year 2011, those figures are up by 58.1%.

Conversely, international passenger numbers for travel to Bermuda and the Bahamas is down 31.2% this year so far.

Central American passengers originating at Logan  were also down substantially, although those figures annually remain fairly low to begin with.

Cargo and total air freight figures remained stable, and in fact, grew 2.2% in April.

The volume of air freight was reported as 43,965,310 versus the April, 2010 number of 43,002,347.

The year to date numbers reveal a 0.8% slippage with total numbers for 2011 171,590,121 as compared with 172,976,006 for 2010.