Top-notch Customer Service

May 24, 2011

Customer Service at Logan Airport is an important part of making the Logan travel experience a pleasant and convenient senario for the thousands of travelers that pass through the airport each day.

Logan staff, the airlines and all our tenants make it their business, and a priority, to provide the best customer service possible.

Based on information provided by travelers, customer service at Logan appears to be getting better.

Massport has taken customer service a little further as three programs have been initiated to handle and provide special attention to military families, families with Autistic children and Summer Camp minors.

Families with sons or daughters serving the military are greeted by Massport staff when the service persons arrive or depart at Logan.

They are provided free parking and are assisted to an airline ticket counter to obtain gate passes which allows them to meet and greet in the gate area.

This program has worked extremely well and has assisted about 300 families since it began just over two years ago.

Wings for Autism is Logan’s newest customer service program which is gearred toward assisting families with Autistic children when they travel through the airport.

Several successful rehearsals have taken place at the airport where parents and their children have practiced entering the terminal going to an airlne ticket counter for check-in, passing through a TSA security check point, boarding, and seated on an aircraft and experiencing at 10-15 minute flights, including the usual flight attendant saftey tips.

Another simular rehearsal will take place with different families in the near future and Massport will adopt the Wings for Autism program as a permanent one.

Logan has also put together over the past 6 years, a summer camp program that prides service to minors travel through Logan.

Besides parking camp vehicles in designated areas at no charge, the camps are provided TSA information and do’s and don’t while travelling, like how to pack, what items are not allowed and other tips.

Parents are notified of these procedures, so they can prepare for their children’s flight.

The camps, their volunteers and families are provided airport emergency phone numbers.

Having there special programs in place at the airport is good customer service and we plan to look into other programs that could be implemented at Logan in the future.

All the three mentioned programs are coordinated with the aiport community which includes Massport’s Public Services, terminal managers, Communications, State Police, TSA and ofcourse the airlines that operate out of Logan.