Thank You, Mr. Kinton

May 24, 2011

Mr. Kinton’s tenure at Massport will end on June 1.

His 35 – year career with Massport is coming to an end.

Logan Airport and Massport are far different places today than they were in 1976 when Mr. Kinton joined the agency.

The air travel world has undergone a revolution during that time.

Everything about the air travel world has changed since 1976. And Mr. Kinton showed his acumen throughout the decades changing with the times.

Mr. Kinton’s greatest accomplishments during the past decade are apparent.

In the post 9/11 world the airport has taken on an all-out 24/7 security consciousness and countenance. This is where Mr. Kinton concentrated his energy – in making Logan Airport the safest in the nation and the most security conscious.

What began here on September 11, 2001 will not be allowed to happen again.

Also under his watch, the airport has grown dramatically. The numbers of people coming into Logan and departing from the airport have reached almost 30 million a year under his leadership.

The agency employs about 1400 men and women and at the airport alone about 13,000 are employed in every aspect of the aviation industry.

During his time at the agency, the airport has grown into a city of its own, a large and complex aviation community in its own way contributing to the ancient notion that Boston is the Hub of New England.

We want to wish Mr. Kinton the best of luck as he sets out on this new chapter of his life.

One should never speak of the end of a period, because we are always at the beginning of a new one.