Point of View: Welcome Attorney David Mackey

May 24, 2011

Interim Massport CEO Attorney David Mackey is no stranger to the Massport administrative community.

In an agency well-known for its litigiousness and close attention to legal details, Mr. Mackey is the bottom line and has been so for almost a decade. Massport is run with great care and with a great deal of reliance on its legal department. After all, much is at stake. There is no acceptable margin for error or misjudgment for the man or woman running Massport.

Mr. Mackey, according to those who claim to know, can be relied upon to manage the agency with skill and care born of a deep understanding of aviation and airport management and law developed over the past ten years.

Nearly everything he has done at Massport, for Massport, has been an effort at protecting Massport as well as protecting the rights of everyone employed at the airport and at Massport’s various outposts.

Like Mr. Kinton, whom he is replacing on an interim basis for now, Mr. Mackey comes with impeccable credentials and a solid reputation as an honest man.

We congratulate him on his appointment.

We wish him well.

Massport is in good hands.