Massport Names David Mackey Interim CEO

May 24, 2011

By Joshua Resnek

David Mackey.

The Massachusetts Port Authority has named David Mackey, its top lawyer, to lead the agency while it searches for a permanent CEO.

Chief Legal Counsel David Mackey, who has been with Massport for longer than a decade, will lead the agency when present CEO Thomas J. Kinton, Jr. leaves on June 1 after serving 35 years in a variety of capacities.

Mackey, 54, served in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston for seven years before coming to Massport.

Massport officials who wished to remain unnamed described Mackey as careful, meticulous and smart, with a wide ranging understanding of the agency’s plethora of activities and responsibilities, including a detailed working knowledge of its many contracts with a variety of vendors all serving the airport and the aviation industry which is its lifeblood.

Mr. Mackey was not available for comments after news of his appointment was made public recently. According to Massport media officials, he will not be commenting until he takes command on June 1.

A press release issued by Massport detailed Mr. Mackey’s accomplishments as well as the leadership he has shown during his tenure relating to major Massport initiatives and issues.

This includes leading the agency’s response to runway development, security in the post 9/11 era, the transfer of the Tobin Bridge to the  state Department of Transportation and the acquisition of the Worcester Regional Airport.

Presently, a national search is being conducted to find a successor for Kinton.

It is believed but not yet confirmed that Mr. Mackey may well have applied to be the CEO of Massport along with several others presently employed by the agency.

At least two others not affiliated with Massport who were interviewed at the highest levels have apparently opted out of taking Massport’s top job after it was allegedly offered to them.

Officials close to the selection process do not eliminate the possibility that someone from within may be appointed to permanently take over Kinton’s job.

One the issues being discussed at the highest levels regarding Kinton’s replacement is the salary to be offered.

Governor Deval Patrick has made it clear that he desires new leadership put into place at Massport and at other state agencies will be receiving substantially reduced salaries.

What Mr. Mackey will be receiving for his interim position as CEO has not yet been made public.

Mr. Kinton was receiving over $300,000 per year when he announced he was leaving.