Logan Airfield Safety Project will get Underway on June 1

May 10, 2011

Airfield improvement projects are routinely completed over the summer construction season at Boston Logan.

This construction season [2011] and next year’s construction season [2012] will be linked. Massport will undertake a major construction project from June to November this year and May to November next year.

The project is designed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements to enhance the Runway Safety Area at the end of Runway 33L.

The improvements are part of a major national FAA safety initiative to complete enhancements of Runway Safety Areas at commercial airports nation-wide by 2015.

The FAA has requested that Massport complete the Logan project earlier with a deadline of 2013.

In order to meet the FAA timeframe of 2013 and minimize the risks of construction, Massport will close Runway 15/33L from July 1 to September 30 during both construction seasons.

All of Logan’s other runways will be available for use during the summer while construction is ongoing.

Extensive planning for this “Must Do” project has been in the works for months. Massport will coordinate with the FAA to ensure air traffic delays do not occur as a result of this project. If unanticipated delays do occur, they will be held to a minimum during a normal day of operations at Logan.

All of the airlines operating out of Logan have been briefed on this project. Airfield safety is Massport’s number one priority. Once this project has been completed, airfield safety will be enhanced significantly.