A Great Read – Head’s-up TSA Officer Apprehends

April 12, 2011

A man with two guns in his carry-on bag attempting to pass through a TSA security checkpoint in Terminal E at Logan Airport was stopped by a sharp eyed TSA officer who detected two images that looked like guns.

Shutting down the x-ray machine, and securing the guns inside the x-ray tunnel where no one could get to them, the TSA officer called his supervisor who notified the state police.

Within two minutes Brent Cameron, 44, of New London, New Hampshire was taken into custody and searched.

When it was determined he did not have a firearms license for the two, antique .22 calibre Derringer pistols, he was arrested and transported to the lock-up in the D Troop Barracks at the airport.

Subsequently, he was arraigned in East Boston District Court and charged with two counts of possession of a firearm without a license. He was released on his own recognizance and will be returning to court to answer the charges in May.

No ammunition was found with the guns, according to police officials.

Cameron claimed he didn’t know the guns were in the bag.

“Due to his excellent training, this TSA officer identified weapons and performed exactly as he was trained to do,” said Admiral George Naccara, the Federal Security Director for the TSA at Logan.

He said every move made by the TSA officer in this instance was a text book action, the result of constant training.

“He literally saw the outline of the weapons. He thought it was a test at first. It was a great catch,” Naccara added.

According to Naccara, TSA is always testing its officers working the x-ray machines.

An average TSA officer scanning bags looks closely at thousands of items during a shift.

Finding the outline of guns in a bag clogged with items is not an easy task, according to Naccara.

“You have to be trained the way TSA officers are trained in order to make this kind of find,” he said.

“This officer was sharp and alert and followed the protocol exactly. He did a great job,” he added.