Massport does not Use State Taxes

March 31, 2011

The Massachusetts Port Authority [Massport] was established by the State Legislature in 1959 to help bolster the State’s economy without the use of taxpayers dollars.

The bill calls for Massport to generate its own revenue sources through fees and charges relating to usage of the Authority’s facilities.

Since its inception, the Authority has generated billions of dollars into the state’s economy and created thousands of jobs.

This was accomplished without the use of state taxes in any way, shape or form.

Actually, the Authority through its voluntary in lieu of tax payment program contributes millions of dollars annually to several cities and towns, including Boston.Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are not fully aware of these facts.

For whatever reason, the general public believes the Authority operates with tax dollars.

Nothing can be further than the truth.

The legislation which created the Authority clearly reads that Massport cannot use taxpayers’ dollars to operate any of its facilities which includes Boston Logan International Airport.

These are the simple facts and hopefully it clears the air regarding the unwarranted rumors that continuously circulate through the city and state without justification.