No Snow Slowdown

March 1, 2011

Logan Airport passenger numbers increased 3.7 percent in January despite numerous weather issues and extraordinary snowfall throughout the month, according to Massport officials who released Logan’s monthly airport traffic summary figures last week.

The increase, according to officials here, represented the 19th consecutive month that overall passenger numbers continued moving upward.

“Considering the number of  flight cancellations we had to deal with during the month, the higher figure is all the more remarkable,” said Massport spokeman Phil Orlandella.

Total airport passengers numbers climbed from 1,798,011 in January 2010 to 1,845,357 in January 2011.

Last year, Massport reported 24.7 million passengers passed through the airport. Expectations are that those numbers will be surpassed in 2011 barring the unexpected.

The recent sharp rise in international oil prices due to the possibility of supply interruptions in Libya could be that surprise.

Prices for jet fuel have shot up dramatically during the past ten days and airlines are now trying to pass on those increases to consumers with some difficulty.

If the instability in the Middle East continues, it is expected that the price for fuel will continue to precipitously rise and could likely have a negative effect on air travel, airline officials believe.

Logan officials were pleased with January’s statistics, which showed overall strength.

Although the total number of domestic flights going out of Logan  decreased by 2.4 percent from 22,808 in January 2010 to  22,282 in January 2011, total domestic passenger numbers increased 5.8 percent from 1,553,050 in January 2010 to 1,644,825 in January, 2011.

International numbers declined about 9 percent compared with the same period last year, going from 240,743 in January 2010 to 217,162 in January 2011.

Massport officials said February figures were likely to show gains in total traffic, as well.

Those figures will be compiled and released during the second week in March.