White … out!-When it Comes to Snow Removal, Nobody does it Better than Logan Airport

February 15, 2011

When snow falls on Boston's Logan International Aiport, Massport has the newest, most effective equipment on hand to clear runways and minimize delays.

Snow. More snow. And still more snow has been shoveled down on Logan Airport by Old Man Winter who appears to be working overtime this wintery season.  It’s still anyone’s guess as to what he has in store for the rest of the snow season.

Freeze that though!

The yearly average snowfall at Logan is 42 inches.

So far this season, the airport has well surpassed that mark,

accumulating 71.0 inches of snow.

The record snowfall for one season at Logan occurred back in 1995-1996 when 107.7 inches of snow blanketed the airport property.

“During snow storms, Massport deploys over fifty pieces of heavy snow removal equipment and about eighty staff to deal with New England’s unpredictable weather.” Massport Aviation Director Ed Freni said.

“Logan’s Facilities and Operations units working closely with the FAA Control Tower manage to stay ahead of each storm by pre-planning and direct communication,” he added.

“Massport actually stations an airport supervisor in the cab of the tower to coordinate all airfield activities,” he said.

All parties involved in snow removal are in touch with each other by two-way radio and cell phones.

All vehicles in the airport for safety reasons are tracked by GPS technology.

“Logan has a top-notch snow removal team that has tons of experience and has received several awards for their efforts,” Freni said.

The airport in both 2004 and 2007 was the recipient of the Balchen / Post Award for excellence in performance of a large airport snow and ice control.

“The award demonstrates determination for excellence in keeping airports open and safe.” Massport Deputy Director of Airport Facilities, Gary Tobin said.

It’s highly possible that 2010-2011 could be another award-winning year for Massport.

“During inclement weather conditions, Massport asks all vendors to remain open as long as there are passengers still at Logan,” Freni said.

“Massport is prepared to assist the airlines, per request, with cots and other needs at any given time,” he said.

“During bad weather conditions, Massport advises the traveling public and those picking up arriving passenger at the airport to contact the airlines directly or log on to www.massport.com for flight information,” Freni added.

In addition to many pieces of heavy equipment used for snow removal, Massport has purchased eleven unique pieces of equipment called a Vamas that has the capability of plowing sweeping and blowing snow off the airfield.

“Lining up this equipment, side by side Massport is able to make a single pass down a runway and have it open in 12-15 minutes,” Deputy Director of Facilities, Gary Tobin said.

In addition to the airfield, Massport keeps the airport roads and ramps clear and passable.

Massport, through the news nedia and its website (www.massport.com) attempts to keep the general public advised of airport conditions.