Logan Pet Medical Safety Program Is Working Well

January 31, 2011

“Passengers with Paws” the first of its kind Pet Safety Medical Response and Assistance Program in the country has been in place at Logan Airport for about a year.

The program which is working well, it was initiated based on a comprehensive needs assessment review which indicated that 1,500 to 2,000 pets travel through Logan on a monthly basis.

“The assessment clearly indentifies pets as Logan Customers” Massport Fire Rescue Chief Robert Donahue said. “Logan’s pet program not only features medical response and assistance, it also has a transportation system built in with the Animal Rescue League of Boston to transport pets to nearby hospitals,” the Chief added.  “The needs assessment analysis of pet related emergencies at Logan; was conducted by Massport Fire Rescue in conjunction with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of New England with assistance from the airlines operating out of Logan.

The pet program, which has received notable attention throughout the aviation community, also included special training for airport employee to avoid pets escaping from handlers and how to secure pets that have wondered on the airfield.

“Training and basic life support initiatives were the key elements needed to put this program on line” Massport Aviation Director, Ed Freni said.

“It’s a unique program that is working well at the airport because it directly addresses pet and pet owners needs, Freni added.

In addition, pet ports have been installed on the lower level, of each terminal of Massport’s four terminals.

Each location has signage containing general information on pet care and an emergency medical phone number — 911.

The pet ports are cleaned daily and restocked as needed.

Other agencies that help make the program a reality were:

• The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

• The Veterinary Emergency

• Specialty Center of New England, and the airlines operating out of Logan.